A buying service

Increase you buying power: We buy for and on behalf of our clients.

Our solution

Purchase order optimization

Alliancell benefits from a global pool of suppliers that are selected on four key criteria: Quality standards, commercial conditions, ethical standards/certifications, and participants requirements. By choosing to work with us, our clients are benefiting from an increased buying power and market expertise. Our clients have equal benefits. Where the same contracts apply, the same price level and discounts will be applied. The final pricing is only determined by contracts and logistics. Customer carries over the management of the total purchases of the pulp and other raw materials to us. We do not take ownership of the pulp and we do not act as an agent. We place you purchasing orders and negotiate the best conditions on your behalf.

Stock, logistic and back office management

Alliancell proposes to support clients in many ways… We can take over the control of your stock, arrange, optimize and execute logistics.

Certification support

With its experience, the team Alliancell is able to guide and support you on forestry certifications such as FSCĀ®*, PEFC*, Eco flower, Eco Label and other certifications set up.

*Ask for our FSCĀ®-certified (FSC-C016391) and PEFC-certified (PEFC/30-32-1198) products

Market analysis and reports

Each month our clients benefits from a thorough general report on the pulp market. On top of the monthly market report, we can provide forecasts, input for budgets, historical data analysis and benchmark with previous periods. Consult us for specific market analysis to support investments and financial decision making. Alliancell will provide you with access to supplier technical documents, data and any technical paper support.

The advantages of our buying services

Stock shortages risks minimized

With its large supplier pool and network, Alliancell is proving to minimize stock shortages for its clients.

Financial benefits

Alliancell is negotiating the best prices and the best conditions on your behalf. Based on past experiences, a 3 to 5% direct benefits are common for our clients. Further costs reduction comes from savings in logistic and reduced working capital.

Increase of the buying power

“Together we are stronger”: we are working with large quantities of pulp and are abble to allocate depending on our client’s needs. By entering our client base, you are increasing you buying power.

Our expertise

40 years of experience at your service

Our team is specialized in stock management, purchases and logistic. Since 1982, Alliancell provides its unique services to paper mills all over Europe. In 2020 our purchasing volume reached 400K tons in a variety of grades.

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