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An international paper pulp purchasing service, buying on your behalf.

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Increase Buying Power

Thanks to the large buying power of Alliancell, small and medium sized consumers would have the same conditions as the large buyers in the industry. Suppliers never stop growing and consolidating. Let’s unite to keep up the pace.

Improve Working Capital

Alliancell will reduce your working capital. Our team is specialised in managing your stock, managing your orders and managing your credit. Because our large supplier pool and our vast volumes the risks of out of stock is minimalised and your Working capital involved will decrease dramatically.

Funded by Commission

Alliancell is a buying cooperation. It is only funded by the members Commission.We would not take any fees from suppliers to remain completely independent. We are not a Trader. We are not an agent.

History of De Eendragt

The company name originates from the paper windmill, built in 1784 in Wormer which was the start of Pieter Smidt van Gelder’s company.

De Eendragt started as an independent purchasing organization (inkoop-combinatie in Dutch) in 1982, procuring for 3 former Van Gelder Paper group mills: Crown Van Gelder in Velsen-Noord, Berghuizer Papierfabriek in Wapenveld and Parenco in Renkum.

Translated, the name means “Unity”, a common name for wind mills in Holland in the old days, which reflects very well the essence of the purchasing combination.

Since 1982 ‘De Eendragt’ is providing its unique service to a number of participants in Western Europe. It total purchasing volume will grow in 2017 to close to 450 K Tons in a wide number of grades.

The Current team of De Eendragt consists of 3 people working from our office in Zaandam, close to Amsterdam


We have a long and lasting reputation in the pulp business. Joep Stevens is buying pulp since 2000, Fred and Eric are working in the business for over a decade and it would be an opportunity to benefit from their know-how

Market Knowledge

Pulp is our business we work all day with pulp. We do our own market research and know our Business. We will share that knowledge. Our Monthly market comments (click to get a sample version) will keep you up to date And give you the support to make the right Business decisions.


Every working day we are always immediately available to support your business. Budget, financial hedges, forest certifications, historical analysis, alternative raw materials. We will support your business as your own purchasing department but with our full time engagement.

Meet Our Team

Eric Otter

Eric Otter

Eric joined De Eendragt in July 2000. His previous experience was in logistics specifically warehousing for kitchen appliances.

Experience in in administration, invoicing and accountancy is a great asset in his current work for Alliancell supporting several paper mills and suppliers. His work is meticulous when it comes to logistics, stock management and invoice control.

Eric was born in Amsterdam, has a wife and two daughters and…. is an enthusiastic supporter of Ajax.

Joep Stevens

Joep Stevens

Joep is an expert in procurement and logistics. Being Dutch, based in France for the last 10 years, he worked for multinational corporations. This made him very experienced in working with different nationalities and cultures. Being a successful negotiator and innovator he was given the responsibility to develop and execute the raw material strategy for Georgia Pacific, one of the largest tissue producers in the world managing over 1 million tons pulp portfolio.

Fred Mooij

Fred Mooij

Fred has a wide range of experience in logistics. From fast moving consumer goods to Unilever’s supply chain, he has been around in this business for more than 20 years.

From Stock replenishment to truck planning he can assist in several languages (German, English and French). Value added logistics and after sales-service are among his best qualities.

Working for De Eendragt has widened his view and enabled him to support several paper mills the Best possible way, with his expertise and knowledge of the pulp and paper business and logistics.



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